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Software Solutions

A+W iCut is an integrated software system that allows users to enter orders ergonomically and optimize their glass cutting process. It also allows companies to manage their glass storage and make optimal use of residual sheets. According to the company, the program allows for product entry including insulating, laminated and tempered glass; individual sheets and edge processings; calculation of the total order price based on manually entered item prices; manual stock receipt bookings; automatic stock removals thanks to optimization; and the possibility to create and maintain a storage for residual plates.

In addition, the A+W SmartFactory production system coordinates the process for an optimized glass flow. The system responsively controls all coupled machines and software modules with the production data provided. Machines communicate constantly with the system via so-called A+W SmartFactory clients; this enables the control of machine status and machine capacity.

Planning is done in real time and can be adjusted at any time in the future if necessary for rush orders, capacity bottlenecks, machine failures, etc. If there are no possibilities for direct machine communication, A+W SmartFactory clients function as imitation machines that can determine status and capacity per machine thanks to the integrated plant data collection.