LaVision - Automotive Imaging System

LaVision's Sophisticated Auto Imaging System Focuses on Details

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LaVision's Automotive Imaging system combines automotive glass inspection with image quality testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The applied full-field imaging technique measures optical transmission distortion of windshields already installed on the car or on glass laboratory test benches. The whole-field imaging technique allows flexible field of views and accurately measures the optical power of local distortions in milli-diopters with highest spatial resolution. The diopter map of the driver's viewing zone is captured as well as the ADAS camera view port with an adapted magnification for highest resolution.

Compared to the established scanning Moiré technology, the applied background imaging technique is focusing on a calibration target generated on a high resolution wide-screen monitor. System setup is uncritical for alignment allowing fast installations at different measurement locations. The pattern of the calibration target switches automatically for the different measurement options. Mounted on a robotic arm and equipped with autofocus capability, the Automotive Imaging system is very flexible to use, according to LaVision.