ODL Inc. - New Decorative Door Glass Options

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More Dazzling Designs

ODL Inc. introduced new decorative door glass options, including Celebration, Swirl, Timber, Mistify White, Dorian, and Ryder. Officials say the latest additions are designed to accentuate contemporary design tastes in fashion and interior design. New designs include Celebration, which pushes the boundaries of decorative door glass with hand-crafted art pieces that undergo a glass fusion process for one-of-a-kind textures and designs, and Swirl, which is meant to be lively, but gentle, with flowing lines that swirl together to add privacy. A new Timber design includes simple lines that resemble "gently leaning trees," while Dorian features crisp lines, soft textures, and interesting patterns. Last, but not least, Ryder is a highly stylized door glass that offers minimalist, geometric patterns and textures designed to bring style and privacy to front doors.