SRP Products - Velocity100CR

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Contamination Clean Up

SRP Velocity consists of Velocity050 and Velocity247 primers; Velocity30, Velocity60 and VelocityProV+ urethane adhesives; and Velocity100CR: the contamination remover. Oil, silicone and other contaminants don't stand a chance against Velocity100CR, according to the company.

Velocity100CR is a foaming water-based formula safe to use on all bonding surfaces to aggressively remove contaminants. The multi-purpose foaming detergent product helps remove oil and other contaminants from glass, pinchweld and other bonding surfaces. As a result of its water-based formula, Velocity100CR can mark and highlight surfaces contaminated by organic dirt and completely remove these contaminations with a passage of paper or cloth. The spray-on, wipe-off foam does not run, dries fast and leaves no residue behind.